It is a new year, but it is still the same us, maybe a year older but we are still a duo team who share an enormous passion for children and early childhood development.

2020 was certainly no walk in the park for any human being on earth – it was a year that pushed us in every aspect of our lives, whether it was personal or professional. It had it’s challenges, and provided us a new word that we had to adapt to – “new normal”.

Furthermore, it gave us a horrible sense of what a ‘bad day’ could look like, we lost friends, family members, and we had to stand by as people lost their homes, businesses and fell into debt due to lockdown restrictions. It was supposed to be a new decade and a fresh start, only did we learn later that we had to restart everything we knew.

Edulove | Child Development | Pretoria

On a positive note, we learnt how adaptable human beings are and that we can new laws and rules, new restrictions, new ways of having meetings in a virtual setting, the different ways you can cover your face, and many more. We also learnt a lot in the business world- Tierlantynkies became a virtual market, we finally launched our website and online store, we endured on new business ventures (some were successful, and some were unsuccessful), we learnt how various small business owners were willing to take hands and stand together to uplift each other’s businesses.

Edulove | Child Development | Pretoria

We learnt how many proudly South African products our country has and some we never even knew about, we launched a #SmallBusinessChooseDay hashtag handle on Instagram where we posted different locally owned small businesses on Instagram every Tuesday.

In short- we learnt that we if we wanted our small business to not only survive but to thrive, we had to be authentic, real, and on top of things. We were subtly forced to think outside the box and get our creative minds going even more than before. Two great highlights of 2020 were the launch of the Teething Letter, and later that year the launch of our Sensory Playmats. These two products have been extremely successful and we are excited to crank it up a notch and better our products throughout this year.

Thank you to every customer who supported our small, locally owned business throughout the past 3 years. Without your support we would not be able to succeed.